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Dr. JACQUES MORIN, Equine veterinerian

Dr Jacques Morin, equine veterinerian, veterinerian, st-lazare

Dr. Jacques Morin graduated in 1990 in equine medicine from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Saint-Hyacinthe.  He was the recipient of the Upjohn award given to the student who had the most outstanding science and clinical skills. He founded the Bureau veterinaire du Centaure and has been practicing in equine medicine and surgery for over 24 years.


For over 10 years, he also held the position of veterinarian for the Quebec Racing Commission and after as the emergency veterinarian at the Montreal Hippodrome.


Always looking for challenges, he practiced veterinary equine medicine for the Cavalia’s horses touring Quebec and ensured the health and safety of horses during air travel.


He was the owner and veterinarian of a breeding Standardbred race horse farm and a breeding center for 15 years. He is currently a part-time consultant for a food company in the equine field.


Dr. Jacques Morin is passionate about exercise physiology and equine nutrition. In 2013, he conducted a personal research project to assess the blood levels of antioxidants in two groups of 10 horses fed differently.


In 2014, he founded Lozana Santé Inc., which in Spanish means health and wellness, and specializes in the production and distribution of equine oral supplements contributing to the health and performance of horses, by providing essential high-quality nutrients that promotes organic balance or homeostasis.


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